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​Do you know anyone who seems perfectly intelligent, yet struggles to stay organized, complete homework, turn in assignments on time, follow directions, stay focused, or remember key bits of information? 


For more than forty years we've helped people of all ages with these types of deficiencies and self-sabotaging patterns. At HLRI, we don’t think they’re associated with any lack of intelligence. In fact, many of the gifted struggle with these same problems.


Rather, we think some people struggle with these problems because their brains, for many reasons, lack organization in its neural pathways. This disorganization interferes with basic learning skills and makes it difficult for those afflicted to process information easily and efficiently. Learning, in such circumstances, is difficult, grim and arduous, rather than easy and fun.


We’ve devised a one-hour per day training program to tune-up the brain, fill in the missing gaps, and speed up processing. Our focus is to improve five key learning skills: attention, memory, pattern recognition, sequencing and information processing.


The length of time needed for training depends upon age and a person's degree of disorganization. Some only require a few weeks of training. Others might require several months. We’ve trained folks with a wide range of problems, from autism to dyslexia to brain trauma. Our process has never failed to improve learning capacities. Yet some may require other methods of intervention to address deeper problems.


Our method of training involves the use of a proprietary set of exercises and materials developed over a forty year period by Resource Specialist Teachers and Specialist Interns working in classrooms/work places, engaging daily and directly with students and clients of all ages from kindergarten to adult to help them improve their learning efficiency.


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