Danny was an extremely intelligent first grader who struggled to maintain his focus and emotional stability in class. Simple disruptions sent him into meltdowns. Initial assessments revealed his auditory processing functioned at a fifth grade level, while his visual and motor skills were below kindergarten. Danny required seven months of training. Upon completion he was functioning successfully at a fourth grade level, while still in the first grade. The next summer he was reading college textbooks.

Sharon was an eighth grade student on the Asperger spectrum. She was competent in all subjects, stayed focused and scored at her level on our three assessments: visual, auditory and motor. After three months of HIPP training her mother's comment was, "She's become social. She has friends."

Sylvia is in her 50s. She despairs that her memory is worsening, along with her ability to stay focused. She's been enrolled in HIPP via the internet and is progressing nicely. Her husband recently asked her for a date, something he hasn't done in years.

Tyler was an eighteen year old high school graduate who struggled his entire school career, but desperately wanted to be a pilot. He scored below third grade in visual, auditory and motor skills. After completing five months of HIPP training he enrolled in a private flight school program and passed his first try.

Edward was a high school graduate who couldn't read. He worked in his father's auto junk yard and knew where every item could be found. When his father finally bought a computer and listed all the used items on a spreadsheet Edward could no longer function. After ten months of HIPP training he could read fluently and mastered the computer. Since his father was clumsy on the computer, at best, Edward became indispensible again.

Ben was a first grader who, by the end of the first week of school, already hated it. He scored low on all three assessments. After twelve weeks of HIPP training he was functioning at his level, happy to keep up with his peers. He was excited to go to school every day and looked forward to class.

        These are merely examples of the wide variety of people and             learning problems we've helped. Please call or email us to set up an        appointment for an evaluation, or to ask any questions you may have.

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