This chart represents the difference in classroom standardized test scores among all six middle school Special Ed classrooms in the Chico Unified School District (we averaged and collated the data for this graph to make it easier to compare, numbers on the right are symbolic only). In June of 2008 we collected the STAR scores of all students in those classrooms for that year, and compared them to the previous year's (2007) scores. Students in only one classroom (column 6) received 6 weeks of HIPP training. As you can see, their 2008 scores were higher than the other five classrooms, combined. Essentially, all the other classrooms acted as control groups, while the students represented in the column 6 classroom were the experimental group.

This graph represents research from 2011. We enrolled seven 2nd grade students in HIPP for twelve weeks. We then tested how well their reading improved, compared to a control group. The chart on the left represents the experimental group (HIPP), whereas the chart on the right is the control group (no HIPP). Blue lines represent the scores of the pre test, red lines represent the scores of the post test. In the left chart (HIPP), all the students improved, some dramatically. In the control group, (right chart no HIPP) not all students improved, and those who did, showed less overall improvement compared to the HIPP group. (Numbers on the left of the chart represent words read correctly out loud in a story for 3 minutes.)

This graph is also from research in 2011, 5th grade. Six 5th graders were enrolled in HIPP for twelve weeks. We then compared their improvements in reading with a control group. Again, all the students in the HIPP group improved, and generally their improvement was higher than those in the control group. 

This chart represents work from the same 5th grade group as the above graph, except the subject is writing. Two student's writing skills decreased in the HIPP group, the same number as decreased in the control group. However, of those that improved, the HIPP group showed bigger gains. 

This chart represents work from the same 2nd grade classrooms as the chart above, except the subject is writing rather than reading. It's a bit more difficult to write in the 2nd grade than it is to read. The test was given pre (blue) HIPP and post (red) HIPP, to the same experimental and control groups. Again, the numbers on the left represent actual words written correctly in a story for 5 minutes. 

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