What is FLIPP. . .

Family Life Interactive Processing Program (FLIPP)

targets behavioral dysfunctions (behaviors that lead to negative outcomes) to re-direct unsuccessful internal and relational patterns. Barbara Smith invites inquisitive individuals, families, academic and medical institutions, as well as business professionals who desire to partake in the unfolding discovery of their and/or their child's, student's, or client's unique brain triggers. Through multi-modal exercises and interactive methodologies, FLIPP training challenges and re-directs negative behavioral patterns. The result is freedom from old "hooks" and "triggers," with new possibilities for healthy and joyful growth and interactions.


FLIPP provides resources and coaching methods for conflict resolution. FLIPP methodologies diplomatically confront challenges and clarifies intentions for all involved. 


FLIPP works effectively for your lifetime and for the success of your future generations starting now!


Contact Barbara Smith for more information:

831-238-7708, beexsmith@gmail.com


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